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John Peels Sounds Of The SuburbsRelease Date: 29th Mar, 1999
Cat No: SHIFTY9901
Format: CDA


Cd One

  • The Samurai Seven - The sound of the suburbs
  • The High Fidelity - Lazy B
  • The Delgados - Everthing goes around the water
  • Radio Sweethearts - Real ghost town
  • Nøught - Cough cap kitty cat
  • Pat Thomas - Remembering
  • Lab 4 - Reformation II
  • Lucie Chivers - Dioddef Amdanat
  • Reviver Gene - Strap me up
  • 60ft Dolls - Baby says yeah
  • Blew - In C
  • The Jones Machine - That booze magic (Cheggars mix)

Cd Two

  • Robert Wyatt - Free will and testament
  • Solid Doctor - Holy roller
  • Back To Base - Electric eye (Crown yourself king mix)
  • Mr Ed - Blue
  • Lianne Hall - Cosy
  • Fun'da'mental - Ja sha taan
  • Exploding Thumbs - Desert song
  • Waterson-Carthy - Ye mariners all
  • Twosheds - Don't go to Darlington
  • Myormay - Clear
  • Comatose - Turtle's head

"There aren't that many industries that Britain is still world famous for, but music is one of them. It's developed largely unaided by corporate sponsorship and government funding. Unless you count the 'Jobseekers Allowance' of course. So where does all of this creativity come from? Well, a lot of it is here in Britain's tower blocks, housing estates, suburbs and small towns. I decided to take a trip around Britain to try to unearth the ..... influences from which all these good things flow" (John Peel)

On 29 March '99, 'John Peel's Sounds of the Suburbs' is released by that fiercely independent record label Shifty Disco in association with a new Channel 4 series of the same title. This eight-part series sees the peripatetic John Peel visiting a different region each week and exploring the underbelly of the music industry in the chip shops, bus stops and side streets of the suburbs and satellite towns of Britain.

'John Peel's Sounds of the Suburbs' is a double album (sold at regular album price) and features 24 tracks recorded by artists highlighted in the TV series. Many of these bands have effectively been 'unearthed' by John Peel and others like The 60ft Dolls, Fun>da>mental, Eliza Carthy, The Delgados, Robert Wyatt etc.. are well established in their own right. This collection of 'suburban hymns' reveals the diversity and breadth of UK talent together with all the eclecticism and quality you'd expect from John Peel.

The series kicks off in Lanarkshire on Saturday, 27 February (moving to a new location each week: Oxford; South Wales, Cornwall, Humberside, Bradford; the Isle of Wight and the North East) and on 1 March Shifty Disco release a special Preview CD featuring nine tracks from the forthcoming album. This Preview CD is available exclusively through HMV, priced at 2.99 (redeemable upon purchase of the album).